Classes We Offer

Join Our Dance Community


A class perfect for little ones to meet some new friends and explore movement with dance related games and basic dance steps.


Many different genres of jazz with be taught during this class. Students will learn different jazz movements that can be used in many ways such as in jazz funk or contemporary jazz.


This class includes barre work, centre work, and across the floor combinations. Students will learn all the basic steps in ballet and learn to perform many of them together in a sequence of moves.


Dancers will learn a variety of steps from beginner to advanced level. Travelling and stationary steps will be taught and pieced together into a sequence for the dancers.


Dancers in this class will learn to move in space and create shapes with their body. Technical and creative elements play a big role in this class. Jumps, turns, and floor work will be incorporated into sequences for the dancers to practice.


Dancers in this class will learn tricks from somersaults to back tucks. Balancing skills will be taught in this class as well as flexibility. Tricks learned in this class will be put into routines and connected by dance steps.

Hip Hop

Dancers in this class will be taught many dance moves that are popular and simple. They will learn how to add their own style to these simple movements and create their own.

Special Needs

This class is for children in the community with special needs. We will be exploring movements and music.